Wednesday, September 15

[NEW] Too many thoughts. ©

She laid with her eyes wide open. Her heart was muffled and stored in the cups of her bra. It didn't seem to beat, but was stuffed and pushed up to be on display behind a thin singlet that hugged her bones and fears. She seemed to lay alone alot, sometimes sitting up, cradling her thin legs that begged for a feeding and attention. She'd just sit, her head resting upon her knees and stare into nothing and see a better world instead. Sometimes there would be a bouncer at the door of this new realm who would simply just rock his head left to right and behind his sunglasses he'd tell her she didn't belong. She always wondered, while starring at his giant build and dark features, did he ever belong, and if he did, why was he kept on the outside? Was there ever an inside? Or was it just another waiting room to a more exclusive club, and did anyone ever belong inside? She sighed and rolled over, crushing her heart along the way. She could hear the many voices of people that loved her, that all were never granted access to her exclusive little world, a world she herself never belonged in. She crushed her head into her pillow, and felt it full with tears. There was a family out there that needed her antidote to cure him, but she didn't know how to touch someone that could break so easily. So she hid. She always hid, and as his face turned pale and his blood filled with poison, she hid in the background, starring into space at the club once more. There was an opening, and she knew he had an invite.

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