Monday, September 20

I'll just write for myself then :D

Her eyes were black. It wasn't something she was born with and it had only happened recently. She couldn't deny it any longer, since the summer, her eyes had turned from a muggy green to an angry coal smudge. Her eyelashes had become darker and taken form of thick spider legs that spaced them self around her empty eyelids. It scared her at first, trying to see the deformity of her pupils, try to find the one that seemed to be smaller than the other, to show any sign of light to it, but she found none. Her eyes were only pupils and she couldn't help but see everything in front of her. People thought it was a good sense, to able to see so clearly around her when people with closed eyes, went without. Never to be able to see the way the sun looked at the sea, how they both guided and drifted together, and yet were so far away, they still always managed to touch. But people were blinded by their small pupils they could not see the bigger picture, that to see everything was a burden. To see the cruelty in the world that sat upon a doorstep, begging for food and a chance at life. To see blood and death slaughtered in front of a child. To see the way a boy would look at a girl, and see that same sun and sea movement and watch the girl stare upon another. No seeing was never a good thing. Her eyes had turned black too soon and she couldn't help but watch everyone move and pass her without force. Her eyes had turned black, she could not deny it, and ever since they turned the colour of death, she couldn't help but see it everywhere.