Saturday, August 28

She walked down the painted black streets. The ground was made of bricks and the walls screamed out at her. Her eyes were coated in coal and her smile was vicious. She walked in time of her heart, slow, patient and deadly. There lined men, either side of her and wearing suits. Their hearts were on the outside, made of pale pink paper and sewn on. She stepped up to the first one, he stared out beyond her, his arms behind his back, his posture perfect. He was wearing a mask but she had seen him before. His blonde hair and height gave him away. She stepped closer, her eyes shining and glaring deep beyond the masquerade. Her hand rested upon his heart, her fingers curled around the paper heart which caused it to break, she smiled. Starring out to the rest of the followers, each the same posture, each with a heart she needed to break. She ran down, slashing their hearts, her head went back as her mouth opened and laughter sprung from her own concealed organ. She looked up and saw one out of line, at the very end he stood smiling, even behind his mask she could see his eyes crumple. His brown hair flew out against the sudden breeze and his fringe made his eyes look more deadly. Her eyes turned evil once more and she stepped up towards him. She went to rip his heart, but it was already gone. He smiled directly at her and she looked down and saw her own paper heart ripped and in his hands. Shocked, she ripped off his mask to see who the one who caused this destruction really was. She ripped it off, and her own face stood before her. Weakened she turns, and the men with no souls and only stitches to their hearts gathered around her. Her hands reached towards her face, and a mask was sealed upon it.

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