Wednesday, October 6

Not all there and not convinced.

There used to be this place in my head. It was on the right side of my brain and the colour of it changed each time I had an episode. Sometimes it was pastel colours, these happened whenever I was happy, the lighting mode would cause my eyes to shine. Sometimes it would even make my iris's go green. These were the good days that could last from a day to three months. They were always blissful and left me ignorant. Reality's seed burrowed deep in my unsuspecting mind and the roots dug deep in to that special place inside my head; sometimes it wasn't a very pleasant feeling. Sometimes the mood ring changed its colours. It would be like a kaleidoscope, every colour mixing and turning into one rainbow thats shine smiled at you in all angles, but as always the colours mixed too much and turned into shades. These shades ripped and turned my blood into thorns that scraped against every muscle. The place rained anti depressants but my body always fought them off, as something that could cure the pain was always foreign to my immune system. Yes there was always a place in my brain that never fit right, some days it flooded with rain and sometimes it would over heat the town. It was like a young bipolar resting inside this big city in the east. Emotions became extreme and I developed a disorder. The kaleidoscope continued to turn, but on the days my immune system weakened, the pills got through and the kaleidoscope would break.