Wednesday, June 9


She looked up and felt the colours flow freely into her eyes, absorbing all it's light. Dilated and confused she blinked and could feel her eyeballs against the flesh now covering it up, her eyelashes tickled. She coughed up smoke and watched as it danced and swayed in the cold autumn breeze, twisting and turning like transparent shadows and silhouettes. She started to laugh and felt her bones lightly ease up on their grasp on keeping her stable, her limbs felt like jelly and every time she touched it, it wobbled with delight. She looked to the mirror and saw her smile take up three quarters of her face, so high it forced her eyes to ease to a close. She felt the air whisper and lick at her ears and she sat there with nothing but toxin in her head. His name was just a story, a story she found boring and never had the time to read it all. His smile was dull compared to hers right now, and she knew as she danced with mystical creatures, it would bother him. The sky begun to close over and the clouds stopped flashing, the world was now at her feet, the storys suspense started to build up again and her smile had faded. Sometimes we can feel good, but only for a short amount of time. Life always catches up.

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