Monday, June 7

Dream. Crap writing skills.

His body heat was burning at her skin and she felt as his hands wrapped around her waist and kind of sunk into the dip of her spine. His smile was new, his hair was curly and dark and his posture was something else. His shirt was a dark blue and matched exactly how she secretly felt. She started to kiss him, and as she did she'd break every so often to watch his mouth smile back, but it wasn't his smile. She looked up and noticed he had changed completely, but instead of breaking apart she moved in for more. She couldn't stop smiling, because he changed into the person she wanted, and she kept going until she looked up once more and saw he was back to the first guy, brown hair and all, and he wasn't the person she wanted. Her eyes lifted open, eyelashes scratched against her rough dry skin, her mouth sagged down into a frown and she hated herself for dreaming of him. He wasn't coming back, she'd have to settle for the man in blue.


  1. You write things that make my head feel like I'm in a nightmare.
    Not because it's bad, but just the way you write has that effect.

  2. Is that a good thing? Lol coz this was about a dream...