Monday, May 9

Might try to write....

She was always such a nice girl, raised by the birds and bees, she was never unaware of the concept of love. Although she had never taken a step in it, never dipped her toes into the vibrant water that could give such bipolar like reactions, she was always aware by the people that surrounded her. She met a boy, a disease, that would soon turn this healthy girl into a love sickened fool. His smile was her smile and every night she went to bed with it on her lips. He was something else, but although her heart was one big kaleidoscope of joy, it couldn't help but turn and the crystals inside couldn't help but fall short. She hadn't realized but somewhere in between the laughs and experiences she had let him in. He was inside her and each day he grew. That petite little girl had stretched into the shape of him, and it all became uncomfortable and painful, stretching out her bones and crushing her spirit. Then, it finally became too much, he had grown too big and his hands clawed out through her chest. His nails ripping and shedding her skin, her blood seeping through and staining his nails. But it didn't stop there, he kept clawing until he was set free, dusted himself off and walked away unharmed. The tattered girl laid there lifeless, her eyes wide opened as she saw him fall away from her. Her skin wavered in the wind but soon found it's way back to her, and soon a new heart would grow and be ready to be ripped apart once more. But after the clawing and healing, she'd never be the same girl she was at the beginning. She'd never be so innocent.

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