Friday, January 14

She laid there, dull and disorientated as she watched the pages of her notebook fly without effort against the cool wind. They would pick up speed and then with a sudden stop float in mid air to different destinations. It was like a wild delusion as every page of her life seemed to have stolen a different colour from the rainbow. These normal cliche white pages were now vibrant highlighters that stored in each colour the emotions of a teenage girl. These pages were her past, every secret that used to mean so much to her, now floated aimlessly in the wind. Her diary held nothing but pathetic analogies of things she couldn't bare to repeat, so she let gravity loosen its hold and take her old life with it. Perhaps a young girl would find it and see she's not alone, or maybe an old enemy will find it and hold it captive, torture it for answers that laid knitted between the faded blue lines. The only thing this newly evolved creature cared about was her future that needed no pages to remind her of what was in store. So she laid there, her thick sunglasses covered up the pages that searched for a new owner, and she smiled knowing her past was the past, but the future was anyones for the taking.