Monday, May 24


Her eyes stung, all the moisture had been bleed dry and her eyelids ached and arched to try get some sort of liquid inside. She just stared at the wall, her vision didn't have enough life to it to make it blurry. She laid in her empty room and had a craving to rip down everything in there, so it would suit her feelings. Her knees banged up against her chest and she waited to hear her heart beat, but there was no movement, no sound to it. She wrapped her arms around them and felt the torn skin and bruises she didn't mind a few hours earlier. They were dark and deep, and painful to touch and maybe when they fade everything will be okay again. She nuzzled her head into her pillow and pretended it was all just a dream, that he hadn't just said what she thought she heard. She waited in the emptiness, feeling the space stretch out and knowing that even miles away it still wasn't enough space for him.

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