Tuesday, March 9

Pain makes you grow

He grabs her by the throat and pushes her to the wall, she screams but he interrupts by forcing his mouth to hers. His hands are like wild fire and spread through out her body as she cries from the burn. Misled by her cries he moves himself closer and then forces her on to the bed. Her eyes roll when she realizes her strength is at its limit and soon she tires and waits for it all to be over. Starring at the ceiling she counts the dents and cracks that creep across it, keeping her focus, she knows she's one of them herself. Something that is broken, and yet still fragile to break further, something that will always need to be improved and something, that could ruin a perfectly good thing. He grunts and gets up, starring at the worthless object starring in shock. He closes his eyes and forms words in a calm voice, "I did this for you, one day you'll thank me." He leaves and she just lays there, contemplating his motives and wondering if by any chance she had provoked it. She stares up at the ceiling once more, and notices dents she forgot to count, and thought to herself once more, that even if something is ruined, it'll take some time to see it.