Friday, February 26

True story :L

He walked forward and each step felt slower than the last until they seemed to drag out and steal away hours, or maybe it was just slow in comparison to her own beating heart that beat so fast she was waiting for it to tire itself out and stop. Using this slow pace as time to think of her next step, but she couldn't think at all because her heart was beating in her ears, loud and fast it felt like her own personal rave happening in her head. Suddenly as if by magic he was right in front of her, his arm wrapped around the back of her, hand resting on the curve of her spine. She cringed and dared to look at him, he was smiling and she realized she had never seen him this pleased in his whole life. Writing down the mental note of his smile she sighed and leaned forward. Because sometimes we do things to ensure that the only one who gets hurt is ourselves and we're the only one who gets hurt, right?


  1. i would like to tell you that this post made a huge difference in my life. my now ex-boyfriend had cheated on me (and not for the first time), and after reading this, i finally for the first time ever walked away. Your writings are so inspiring. thank you for taking my blind-fold off.

    love, karlee

  2. you have no idea how much this means to me! haha omg thankyou. I hope you're ok though! No one deserves to be treated like that, you did the right thing :)