Friday, January 22

This ones fun to look back on

You stand there thinking that the world is surrounding you and as you stand you feel strength flow through every cress and skin flake you have. Stretching out your fingertips to grasp each delicate piece of dust that dares to fall upon you. The brave ones each applauds as you flash them your smile as if to say "do not be afraid." You breathe in and let them dance down your esophagus, sprinkling magical pixie dust as it goes. You open your eyes slowly, feeling each eyelash laugh and tickle your cheek, but the sight is frightful. Suddenly the dust has become too much, it chokes you and all you can feel is the pixies wands stabbing your insides. You realize the world doesn't surround you, but has left without you, and as you stand strength and ability leaks from you and slips into the drains and cracks of the cold hard pavement. You're all alone and the girl you wanted has taken your strength, but instead of using it she lets the ground soak it as she watches you dismember yourself and show your weakness and breakage. She stands there thinking that the world is surrounding her, and so she breaks it.


  1. go write a book! you're too good for blogger :P

  2. I'm so amazed by how descriptive you can make your posts. the're so descriptive that I want to read more :)

  3. aw thanks, im pretty sure its not what bloggers for haha but its eaier to say things this way, thanks!! x